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Partners Recruiters is a Montreal-based recruiting and hiring company operating primarily in supply chain and logistics, construction, administration, finance and accounting, healthcare, agriculture, hotel and restaurant industry.
why Human capital?

The Heart of Our Company

Human capital is at the heart of the functioning of all organizations, whether industrial or service, private or public, multinationals or SMEs. It represents the very foundation of organizations in the realization of a service or a good and its delivery to its end customer. Good human capital management can be a major source of competitive advantage in terms of cost and value.

Our Industries

We recruit in several industries. Here are our main ones:
Pourquoi nous choisir ?
Some facts

Why us ?

Our Approach

We have a collaborative and methodical approach focused on organizational culture and strategy at the company level as well as the career plan and professional ambitions at the candidate level.

Our Engagement

Our commitment to our customers is assured. We look beyond individual skills so that the candidate is in line with the corporate culture.

Our Guarantee

Our candidate and company centric approach means that we will be involved in the recruitment process long after placement, until the employee becomes an ambassador of the values ​​and the corporate culture.

Our Availabilities

The agility and flexibility of our teams means that we are available at all times to respond quickly to your requests. We are available 7 days a week to meet your needs.


Recruiting Partners takes care of the payroll service completely, saving you time, reducing administrative workload for your managers and reducing your administration costs.

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What do our clients have to say?

See what others have to say about our business.
« Partner recruiters are very attentive and understand the client's expectations. They respond quickly to each request and meet our challenges with adapted solutions »
Michelle P.
« I use Partners to fill short and long term positions. The staff are professional and proactive. I recommend that you use Les Recruteur Partners for your staffing needs! »
Jonathan B.
« Our account manager is a supply chain savvy, even though the timeline was tight and the needs were specific, he came through for us ... Great Job! »
Andrew T.

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